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Anita Smith Founder Permanent Effects

Anita Smith, Founder

Anita Smith has been a licensed cosmetologist since 1983. After training in several techniques in the art of permanent makeup, Anita created her own gentle hand-method application that results in a painless and perfect look for her clients. She has more than 30 years experience practicing permanent makeup and has worked with plastic surgeons in the Valley for more than 17 years. Her technique is so renowned that hundreds of technicians have come to learn from her, including her daughter Britney. Anita has made it her mission to bring well-researched top-of-the-line needles, pigments and topical ointments to her clientele. At Permanent Effects, Anita is able to share her skills and truly enrich the permanent cosmetics industry.

The gentle hand method of permanent makeup combines a highly controlled technique with sterile single-use needles that ensure maximum color hold and comfort. The long-lasting results are natural looking and come without the pain associated with other permanent makeup methods.

Britney Lane, Technician

Britney Lane specializes in all areas of Permanent Makeup including Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), Powder Brows, Eyeliner and Full Lip Color. She has more than 14 years experience in both machine and hand-method permanent makeup and prefers Permanent Effects’ gentle hand method due to the comfort and longevity of results. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is Britney’s passion. With more than seven years experience with SMP, Britney has helped hundreds of men and women in the Valley gain confidence by creating the illusion of a full head of hair. Her fully customized process and clear communication ensures comfort from start to finish and delivers the best possible outcome. Britney knows this commitment is important to her clients, so she is committed to professionalism, compassion and confidentiality.  

Nichol Eiting, Aesthetician

Nichol Eiting is a licensed aesthetician and the driving force behind Skin by Nichol, boasting over two decades of unmatched expertise in the medical spa sector.  With a deep understanding of skin care, Nichol is skilled at offering transformative Hydrafacial treatments, LED light therapy, medical-grade products and makeup, highlighting her dedication to comprehensive beauty and anti-aging solutions. Combining medical knowledge with refined artistry, Nichol’s approach stands out in the world of aesthetic care. In collaboration with Permanent Effects, she extends her esteemed services to clients aiming to accentuate and maintain natural beauty, as well as finding personalized, result-oriented solutions.

Complimentary consultations and full makeup applications are available to all Permanent Effects clients as well as new clients to our office.