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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes our Method Different?

At Permanent Effects we have over 25 years of experience in permanent makeup. We have designed our own, hand method, needle applicators for gentle application and better color retention in the skin. We also use the highest quality needle cartridges for our gentle machine method.  We work with a chemist to formulate the most effective topical anesthetic in the industry. Our pigments are some of the best in the world. We have searched the United Stated and Europe to find the best colors. Not only do our colors have a fantastic hold, but they also stay true.

How long does it last?

Permanent makeup never washes away or smears, although it will soften over the years. It is typical to “freshen” color every few years. Because each of us have unique skin qualities, the hold depends on sun exposure/skincare products as well as color choice and placement.

In most cases brows are touched up every two years, eyeliner four to five years, lip color four to five years and scalp micropigmentation three to six years.

A special price is offered to our clients for touch-up appointments to keep their makeup fresh.

Does it hurt?

Here at Permanent Effects we have designed our own needle applicators for maximum comfort. This helps make each procedure gentle and controlled; most people find the experience very relaxing. Our custom formulated topical ointments are used to numb the skin. They are continuously applied throughout the appointment and they are the best!

Is it safe?

Our method provides placement control with a more comfortable experience. All instruments are specifically made for the face, sterilized and deposed after each use for your protection. The color pigments used are formulated for the face and scalp and clinically proven safe and meet EU standards. All colors are custom mixed for each client’s needs.

After care is provided for fast healing.

How long is the healing process?

With most procedures you will wear an ointment on the treated area. Your permanent makeup will also appear stronger for the first few days until the dead skin cells exfoliate. After a few weeks we preform a follow-up appointment.

What if I need correction from past permanent makeup done by another artist?

We are very experienced in correction from past permanent makeup. We use special pigments to help neutralize colors and correct shape. (For instance- blue-grey brows or pink brows.) Additional charges may apply.

What does hand method permanent makeup mean?

Hand method permanent makeup means that we do not use a tattoo machine. We have our hand needles designed and made especially for our type of permanent makeup application. It is a very gentle and safe procedure allowing for soft, natural outcomes.

Can I come in for a consultation?

We always offer a free consultation, although most clients find their questions can be answered over the phone.

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