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The Permanent Effects Difference

Quality and care are very important to us.

Our Pigments

At Permanent Effects we use only the highest quality pigments available. Our pigments are safe, sterile and made from certified ingredients. They are also continuously tested and re-certified every 18 months to meet EU Specifications.

Our Numbing Topical

We have our numbing topicals formulated just for us here in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our clients get so numb with our topical that even lip procedures are a breeze! We continuously re-apply the topical throughout the appointment to ensure our clients comfort.

Our Needles

We reach for the highest quality in everything we do. That is why we designed our own needles, when using the hand method of permanent makeup, and have them made especially for us. Our needles are designed for maximum color hold and comfort to our clients. All needles and cartridges are sterilized and disposed of after each use for your protection.


We hold our standards very high to ensure the best results for our clients.

Permanent Effects

8300 N. Hayden Rd. Suite B-110
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Phone: 480-284-6240