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Eyebrows – $550

Do you avoid everyone until your eyebrows are on?

Would you like thicker-looking brows?

Would you simply like to see a better shape?

Our clients love having a good brow day everyday! If you have to use a pencil, you understand what we mean.

Brow shape is very important to the entire face. Properly shaped brows will draw attention to the eyes. By obtaining the correct arch, we can create the illusion of a mini-brow lift. The last thing you want is for people to notice your brows first. Our method of permanent makeup application offers you soft, natural-looking brows without the fuss of drawing them on with a pencil everyday.

How does it work?

Learn Our Process

1. We will measure and draw your brows on with a pencil. We will then work together in front of a mirror until we both agree on shape.

2. We will custom blend a color that is complementary to your hair and skin tones. The wonderful thing about brows is that you will see the entire process before we actually apply the brows permanently. No surprises!

3. We will use a very effective topical ointment to numb the skin. You will feel a tweezing effect at first, and then the skin will become numb. Most people find this very relaxing.

4. For hand method powder brows or ombre brows, we will give you an ointment to wear on your brows for three days. There is no down time to eyebrows; you could go out to lunch afterwards. Your brows will seem a little dark for the first three days, the cuticle layer of the skin will lightly flake, and then you will truly see how soft and natural they look.

5. We will schedule a second appointment for you four to six weeks following your initial appointment. This appointment is to reinforce the color and give the brows an even hold.

Permanent Effects

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