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Eyeliner – $600

Do you love the look but hate the fuss of applying eyeliner?

Is it hard to keep your eyeliner in place?

Is it difficult to apply eyeliner perfectly everyday?

We have enjoyed the convenience of having permanent liner for years and we know you will, too.

To most of us, eyes are the most beautiful feature. With the hand method of permanent makeup, we are able to safely apply color directly to the lash line. This is great for natural lash enhancement or a full eyeliner look. We are able to give the eyes a more natural almond shape, opening them up.

How does it work?

Learn Our Process

1. We will evaluate your eye area and offer suggestions on shape and color. This procedure requires two applications, so we can be conservative on the first application and decide later if a thicker, darker line would be more appropriate. Once you see how soft the color is, you may want to have a fuller, darker line than you had anticipated.

2. With your eyes closed, we will apply a topical ointment to the lash area to numb the skin. The hand method of permanent makeup is very gentle. Topical ointments, specially formulated for Permanent Effects, will be used numb the skin and keep the swelling down. Our numbing topicals are amazing.

3. Once the skin is numb, we will apply the permanent color. You may feel a tweezing effect at first, although most clients feel nothing.

4. We will supply ointment to be applied to the eyeliner for 3 days post treatment.

You cannot wear eye makeup for three days following the appointment. This usually is not difficult due to the fact that you have liner on and lashes look fuller than ever.

Permanent Effects

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