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Full Lip Color

Full Lip Color – $825

Do you hate reapplying lipstick throughout the day?

Does your lipstick creep into fine lines around your mouth?

Would you like to see the youthful color and fullness your lips used to have?

The wonderful thing about having permanent lip color is that you can wear any lipstick shade right over it, and it will hold throughout the day without creeping into the small lines around the mouth.

We tend to lose our natural color as we age. This is a wonderful solution for those who don’t care to wear lipstick or would like to create a better shape and add definition to their lips.

How does it work?

Learn Our Process

1. We will establish your desired shape.

2. We will custom blend a color to obtain your desired results. Most women prefer a natural lip color – something they would like to see first thing in the morning. Others have a particular color they prefer, and by bringing their lipstick in with them we are able to blend colors for a more vivid look. We explain the process in more detail once we see the color you have chosen.

3. Our method of permanent makeup is gentle and safe; however, in order to ensure that there is no discomfort during this procedure, specially formulated topical ointments are used to numb the entire lip area. Our numbing ointments are formulated for Permanent Effects and they truly are the best!

4. Once the lips are numb, we will apply the permanent lip color.

5. Your lips will be puffy for about 24 hours, and we will give you an ointment to keep the lips moist. For the first 3-4 days, the color will appear more vivid, as if you are wearing lipstick. This occurs because the outer layer of skin is saturated with color. On the third or fourth day, that outer layer will exfoliate and lighten. We are able to see the end result of our color choice within six weeks.

6. We will schedule a second appointment for you in six weeks. We will then reevaluate your original color formula and reinforce the lip color. This is to ensure that the color will last for several years.

It is great not to have to worry about reapplying lipstick throughout the day!

Permanent Effects

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